Education Kits

Just a sample of some education materials I've assembled.

The Value of Culture

Guest contribution.

You can dress them up...

My most popular post to date! Let the flogging begin!

First Nations Heritage Sites

My Favourite Museum


A post about Disaster Memorials.

Welcome to Past Perfect! The present may need work...

Turtle Power

IMG_3243In our nation's capital for some museum fun!

Natural history is just so cool.

History in the Kootenays

Fort SteeleOne of my favourite living history museums, excepting the first person interpreters with false British accents and the harrowing experience of a young horse biting my rear end.

Food is Fun


My prize to myself after a day of living history.

Haberdashery and Natty Threads Run Amuck!

    229741_10150338195646140_586936139_10063625_3521056_n 2

I might be opposed to period dress in some cases but in others, bring it on!